This project for Ag Partners/Lincoln Supply features a second slipform concrete feed mill tower (completed in two phases) that has extensive tie-ins with the feed mill tower Younglove built in 2008.  Truck receiving consists of two 10,000-bushel-per-hour lines (one initial and one future) with the ability to place ingredients in both mill towers.  A new hammermill grinding building was constructed that can deliver up to 100 tons per hour of 300 micron ground corn to both mill towers, with an additional 50 tons per hour future.  Batching and mixing consist of 1,885 tons of ingredient storage in 19 bins, 2 major scales, a minor scale, dual 12-bin micro systems, and metered liquids to deliver batched feed to a 12-ton twin shaft mixer.  Two 50-ton-per-hour pelleting lines are housed in a pelleting tower directly adjacent to the mill.  On each pellet line, post pellet liquid application and one pellet screener occurs prior to finished feed distribution in the loadout bins.  Fourteen finished feed loadout bins with 1,350 tons of storage are used above a 9-ton weigh lorry for loading out trucks.

The warehouse, receiving building, boiler room, and hammermill building are all constructed of concrete wall and roof construction to provide many years of maintenance-free operation.  The tank farm contains two 16,000-gallon fat tanks and space for six future liquid tanks.  Two 40 hp air compressors provide plant air, while two boilers (one 300 hp and one 500 hp) provide steam for pelleting and tracing.