This feed mill for Peco features dual 70-foot by 11-foot remote truck scales, one 15,000-bushel-per-hour truck receiving system, one 15,000-bushel-per-hour combination rail/truck receiving system, two 70-ton-per-hour hammermills, nineteen ingredient bins with 2,400 tons of storage, one 20-bin micro system with four overhead tote bag systems, a 10-ton twin shaft mixer, and material liquids to the mixer.  Pelleting features two 90-ton-per-hour lines, dual horizontal coolers, and crumblers with a triple-disk fat coating system housed in a slipformed pellet tower adjacent to the mill.

Loadout consists of 20 bins with a total capacity of 2,860 tons of storage (dual driveway) with 2 weigh lorry systems.

Grain storage consists of three 84-foot-diameter storage silos (2 million bushel capacity), one 35-foot wet storage tank, one 35-foot dry storage tank with hopper bottom for grinding, and one soy silo tank with Laidig system.  The tank farm is 72 feet by 33 feet with room for 10 tanks.

Two 40 hp air compressors provide plant air, while two 500 hp boilers provide steam for pelleting and ­tracing.  One 500-pound manlift and full-height stairs provide vertical access throughout the facility.

The warehouse, receiving building, air compressor room, and boiler room are constructed of pre-engineered metal buildings.