The centerpiece of the mill renovation was the replacement of a 50-ton-per-hour pelleting line with a new 85-ton-per-hour system.  The source gates, feeder, conditioners, pellet mill, cooler, air system, crumbler, and fat coater were all replaced during this installation.  While the renovation was proceeding, the second pelleting line was operational nearly 24/7. 

Other enhancements during the mill retrofit work included replacement of several receiving conveyors, a mixed feed conveyor, distributor, pellet transfer conveyors, and some valves and spouting. 

The grain silos consisted of two 100-foot-diameter, 1-million-bushel concrete silos.  These silos consisted of a new receiving pit, 20,000-bushel bucket elevator and distribution conveyors, 1/10 cfm aeration, temperature detection system, and 7,000-bushel-per-hour reclaim conveyors.