Beginning with the vision of company founder John Fremont Younglove in 1896, we have been raising the bar and building the future for agricultural and food processing companies for well over a century, building solutions for clients nationwide. 

Each and every one of our projects is built upon a foundation of pride, dedication, and passion and planned and executed by an experienced and dedicated team. Whether you're looking to build a feed, grain, food, or specialty facility, the end result will be constructed with top-notch expertise at the very best value.


Our feed mills and plants are energy-efficient and designed for high production. From design to engineering to slipform construction to equipment installation, we can perform every step of the process, resulting in the highest quality feed mills, on time and on budget.
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Grain has always been close to our heart. In fact, we started out in 1896 as a grain elevator construction business and have since grown to comprise so much more. But we haven't lost touch with our roots—rather, they've grown stronger, using our expertise to build the very best grain storage, silos, ethanol plants, and more.
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From flour mills to pasta manufacturing plants, we have created a large number of state-of-the-art food facilities with advanced sanitary features and lasting durability. People can often tell a Younglove facility from the quality of the workmanship, attention to detail, and intelligent layouts—see for yourself with our food processing facilities.
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Instead of resting on our reputation, we're still building it. Which is why we're happy to take on specialty projects such as fly ash, bed ash, sand storage, dry ore storage, coal, and limestone silos and much more.
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Current Projects

Our teams are currently working to deliver high-quality facilities throughout the United States. Each of these projects is built upon a foundation of pride, dedication, and passion. Take a look at some of our current projects we have going today.
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