This new feed mill for Mountaire Farms was constructed to increase their production capacity in North Carolina.  It is located 50 miles away from their Candor, North Carolina, feed mill that Younglove constructed in 2000 and renovated to increase production capacity in 2006.

The new mill in Scotland County includes 50,000-bushel-per-hour rail grain receiving and 310-ton-per-hour truck and soft stock rail receiving.  Wet grain is received into four 24-foot-diameter concrete silos with a total capacity of 120,000 bushels.  Grain is then dried and transferred to one of two 70-foot-diameter concrete silos or a 35-foot-diameter concrete silo that also houses two hammermills beneath it with room for a third.  Total dry grain storage capacity is 1,060,000 bushels.

The feed mill has 37 ingredient bins with nearly 5,000 tons of storage.  Of this storage, 3,348 tons are currently utilized by one 10-ton batching and mixing system.  The remainder of the ingredient storage will be utilized when the second 10-ton batching and mixing system is installed in the future.  Pelleting production consists of two 90-ton-per hour lines with space for a third line in the future.  Both pelleting lines utilize horizontal coolers and fat coating equipment.  A crumbler is installed on one pelleting line.  Finished feed is stored in two loadout driveways with a total of 28 bins and approximately 6,000 tons of storage.  Truck scales and shuttle conveyors are utilized for loading feed into trucks.

All structures on this project were constructed of concrete.  The feed mill and silo were constructed using the slipform method, and the ancillary buildings were constructed of concrete tilt panels that were cast on site.