Younglove demolished existing silos and reconstructed two 60-foot-diameter by 140-foot-tall silos, each with 5,000 tons of coal storage. The University of North Carolina’s cogeneration plant’s main fuel source is from the coal that is stored in the silos.

The work was completed in 3 phases spanning 20 months. The first two phases included renovating the existing coal crusher building and replacing the pneumatic conveying systems with mechanical systems. The new mechanical system included a combination of belt conveyors; drag conveyors; and 60-degree, high-angle cleated belt conveyors. The final phase consisted of demolishing two existing silos and constructing new silos to receive, store, properly discharge, and distribute coal to the crusher building and then on to the boilers.

The completed project consisted of placing over 11,500 cubic yards of concrete. The scope also included procurement and installation of all equipment.